Drekk McBrukk

Fighter, Crusader, Avalanche, Tank




Drek McBrukk, of Clan Blackaxe, nicknamed “Deaf Spike” for his thundering axe and head spike bash finishing move. Sole member of his clan, after a particularly horrible goblin raid on their hometown killed everyone, and only he survived. Went off as an adventurer, since there was nothing left for him at his home. Worked for several parties, and as a blacksmith in the various places that he has been to. Currently a prisoner of a pirate airship, as he was traveling by ship when it was attacked and plundered. Particular hatred of Goblinoids as a result of his early scarring. Made all of his own equipment. Speaks with the equivalent of a Scottish accent. Slow to trust others, but through actions, events, and adventures he can come to be a valuable and powerful ally.

After the battle with a frost dragon in the caves beneath a sorcerer’s tower, Drekk was given the name of “Dragonsbane,” after he critically hit the dragon for 90 damage, and then caused its eyes to bleed out, effectively blinding it, from the sheer concussive blast of his Thundering Mithril Waraxe.

After several more adventures, Drekk was returning to the site of his former clan to try and begin it anew, but he was waylaid along the way and captured by a pack of illithids. He was taken to an evil svirfneblin, whose name Drekk discovered to be Grumak, as the illithids wanted a creature that would serve them greatly in the gladiator arenas and look as quite a prize as well. Drekk was sealed in a coffin made of conundrum, rubies, emeralds, and other precious minerals for 1 hour, at the end of which all the minerals were infused into his body, turning him into a living stone being. The spell also compelled him to serve his new masters for a year and a day, but this was not made known to the illithids by the svirfneblin, for he felt cheated of their deal that he made with them. Then, for a year and a day afterwards, Drekk was forced to use his battle skills and axe to murder and kill various creatures in the arena, ranging from orcs, goblins, slimes, ogres, many to few at a time to innocent or weak creatures, good and bad, male, female, young, old, human, elf, gnome, dwarf. He tried to resist, but the telepathic commands of the illithids and the spell he was under made it almost impossible. He gave quick deaths when he could, and survived everything, but took a great toll on him. After a year and a day, he was able to tell that the spell had ended. Putting into his mind the horros that he had been forced to commit for the past year, he was able to spectacularly resist the illithids mind blasts, and killed hsi captors. He escaped the Underdark, but vowed to one day return to kill the deep gnome who had made him into the way he was now.

After escaping the Underdark, he made his way to the surface. After nearly dying on the way up, he made it out at last. A nearby caravan was passing by, protected by a crusader who found Drekk. He revived him, and after hearing what had hapened to him, offered to train him, and show him a new path. Drekk, having never before been very religious besides the Dwarven gods, was skeptical, but after seeing the crusaders power defnding the convoy from a pack of goblins, he was convinced. Whilst still remaining chaotic in alignment, partly because of his vow for revenge, he was one day given a vision by Kord, the god of Brawles, Athletes, Fighters, Strength, and Luck. He showed to Drekk where to find a belt of champions, one of the relics of Kord. It was to him that Drekk turned and vowed allegiance for his acts as a crusader. He traveled out and fought through a dungeon to find the belt of champions, and he still continues for the glory of Kord. Ever since, Drekk has been traveling, seeking for another way to find his hated enemy, but helps out towns and cities that he comes to. He still crafts armor occasionally, but not nearly as much. The changing into a stone being altered much of mind and body. He became stronger, tougher, and more resilient, but lost parts of his memories and earlier life. He is more brusque and blunt, and is very slow to trust new people, waiting to see how they act with him before fully trusting them. He will always be at the front of a battle, protecting his companions from harm, and takes the brunt of the blows, as he knows that he can. he still enjoys food and ale, but every now and then eats a raw gemstone for a snack.

The changing of his body into solid living stone affected Drekk’s racial abilities and body functions as well. He lost part of his memory, and can no longer appraise rare and exotic items as he once could. He also was slowed down against his common enemies, orcs, goblins, and the like. Additionally, he now experiences minor insomnia. It can be uncomfortable to sleep on rocks, but imagine being a rock and sleeping. But, becasue of his great fortitude, and the fact that he can sleep like a rock, he does not experience it as much as he did when he first became a rock. I slept like a rock, and sleeping on a rock

He has a gray stone face, with hints of blue and green mixed in. But he has crimson red eyes, like rubies, but darker.

Drekk McBrukk

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