Tel_Mydra.jpg Chapter 1

Four years ago the Dark War ended. A last alliance of the free cities of the Sword Coast and the Silver Marches marched against the sinister might of the drow city of Tel Mydra; and in the dark, sunless caverns of the Underdark, the alliance fought for the fate of Northern Faerun. Victory was won, and the city was broken, but victory came at a terrible cost; much was lost that could not be replaced.

Now, four years later, the city stirs once more. Darkness has crept back into the Silver Marches, wisps of the shadow which once spread from the east. An Ancient Evil has come to dwell within the walls of that dark city, Its sight turned to the west. The drow return in number, as they answer the summons of the city’s new master. The hearths are re-lit, and the forges rekindled as the hammers sing upon their anvils. And from every corner within Tel Mydra sounds the prelude of War.

A Patience Forsaken

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