Critical Hits and Wounds

A critical hit is a “threat” when a character rolls within his weapon’s range. That character’s player must roll to “confirm” that threat by rolling another attack roll against the targets AC (as applicable). If the confirmation misses, the threat registers as an auto-hit, but not a critical strike. If the confirmation roll succeeds, the critical is “realized” and the player will apply the normal damage multiplier. Then, for a critical against a humanoid, the player will additionally roll a d20 for a location to strike (Table 1.1) to inflict an additional wound. The varying penalties shown on the table corresponds to the severity of the wound, mild, moderate, or serious. (see wound severity below).

Table 1.1: Wound Location (d20)
1-2 Leading Leg -2/-3/-4 to Dex; Balance, Jump, Move Silently, and Tumble
3-4 Secondary Leg -2/-3/-4 to Reflex; Climb, Ride, and Swim
5-6 Main Hand -2/-3/-4 to Craft, Disable Device, Escape Artist, Open Lock, Sleight of Hand; x2 Penalty to ATK rolls with 1h weapon, x1 Penalty to ATK rolls with 2h weapon.
7-8 Off Hand -2/-3/-4 to Climb, Forgery, Heal, Use Rope; x2 Penalty to ATK rolls with off hand or ranged weapons, x1 Penalty to ATK folls with 2h weapon
9-11 Chest -2/-3/-4 to Con and -2 Fort; Concentration, Grapple checks, Bull Rush Attempts
12-13 Main Arm -2/-3/-4 to Str; Atk rolls with main hand or 2h weapons, Climb, and Swim
14-15 Second Arm -2/-3/-4 to Str; Atk rolls with main hand or 2h weapons, Craft, Escape Artist,
16-17 Wings -5/-10/-15 to Flying Speed; -4/-6/-8 to Atk rolls with wings
18-19 Head -2 to Cha/-2 to Wis/-2 to Int and Will;
[-3 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Gather Information, Handle Animal, Perform] Tier I *
[-3 to Heal, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival] Tier 2
[-3 to Decipher Script, Forgery, Knowledge, Search, Spellcraft] Tier 3
20 Fellowship Maneuver See Below

*Head Wound Tiers stack.

Wound Severity

The severity of the wound– mild, moderate, severe, critical – depends on the difference between the successful confirmation roll and the AC of the target (Table 1.2). The first three tiers result in penalties to character statistics, whereas the forth tier results in a devastating critical; in the case of an appendage wound, the critical results in amputation, and in the case of a head wound or chest wound, it results in death (Fellowship Maneuvers cannot devastatingly crit).

Table 1.2: Wound Severity
2 above AC – Mild Effect
4 above AC – Moderate Effect
8 above AC – Serious Effect
15 above AC – Critical Effect

Fellowship Maneuvers

A Fellowship Maneuver is a special gambit in combat initiated by only the most disciplined and unified of bands. When executed correctly, these maneuvers can devastate the enemy and revitalize the party; they are the utmost paradigm of coordination. The maneuver is begun when a character rolls a natural 20 when rolling to determine location of a wound (see above). In so doing ,the character overwhelms his opponent’s defenses and make the enemy vulnerable to a universal swift action to be resolved by the character and his team.

The maneuver proceeds in order of the teammates’ initiative rolls, with the small exception that the character who initially scored the critical goes first. Starting with the first character and proceeding through the last, each teammate adopts a stance which emanates one of the four elements – fire, stone, wind, and water. Based on the element picked, the character makes an immediate action as designated by Table 1.3.

Table 1.3: Stance Actions
Fire – The character strikes the enemy for 3d6 damage over the course of three rounds (melee or ranged as applicable*)
Stone – The character strikes the enemy for 1d10 damage (melee or ranged as applicable*)
Wind – The character is able to move 10 feet immediately
Water – The character is immediately heals for 1d8 damage

*Character must be in range to strike the enemy.

By selecting certain Combinations of stances the effects of the action will be augmented. For instance, if a group of three adventures initiated a fellowship maneuver and all proceeded to select water, the characters all heal for 3d8+6 each rather than 1d8 each. Not all Combinations augment the effects and in addition order matters: if the above adventuring group had instead picked water, wind, water, the team would not have received the augmented effect. For the most part, Flushes (all of one color) result in augmented effects, provided the first element selected is the same element as the intended flush.


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